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Summer League :: Event 2

Description: Prior to the start of the event five kettlebells will be placed on the starting mat. On the call of "GO" each team will move to the starting mat and begin the 400M farmer carry (50M increments will be marked on the course). After completing 400M, the four lightest kettlebells will be arranged on the starting mat so that all athletes face the same direction. The team will then perform 15 synchronized kettlebell swings to finish the round. This couplet will be repeated one additional time for a total of two rounds. The team's score is the time to complete all required work; if they do not complete all reps in the 15 minute window, their score will be the reps completed (each 50M of the farmer carry will be considered one rep). 

Kettlebell weights for carry: 72, 53, 44, 35, 26
Kettlebell weights for swings: 53, 44, 35, 26

Farmer carry standards: Each kettlebell must be lifted from the ground for the team to move forward. If at any point a kettlebell comes in contact with the ground the entire team must stop and return to the last completed 50M section. Kettlebells must be held in the hands of the athletes in a traditional farmer carry. Multiple kettlebells may be held by a single team member. The team MUST stay together, at no point can one team member move ahead of the other team members. Teams that do not stay together will need to restart their last 50M section and will receive a 30 second penalty.

Synchronized kettlebell swing standards: The four lightest kettlebells (53, 44, 35, 26) will be arranged on the starting mat in a single line facing the same direction. This is a standard American-style kettlebell swing, kettlebell snatches or any other movements not resembling a kettlebell swing will not be allowed. The rep starts when the kettlebell passes between the athlete's legs, there is no requirement for synchronization at the bottom of the rep. The rep is complete when ALL four kettlebells are over the center line of each athletes' body simultaneously. There is no requirement to have the arms locked out at any point during the rep.

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