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Summer League :: Events 3 & 4

Event 3 Description: A male and a female bar with corresponding plates will be located in each lane. On the call of "GO" the bars can be loaded for the initial lifts. Both bars may be loaded at the same time, but only one athlete is allowed to lift at a time. The athlete performing the lift will announce their weight and perform the lift. Successful lifts will be recorded; if the lift is unsuccessful the athlete will have the option to decrease the load or allow the second member to attempt the weight. The best lift for each team member will be accumulated to arrive at the team's total weight or event score.

Power clean standards: Each rep starts with the bar on the ground and ends with the bar in the front rack position, under control, with the hips and knees at full extension (standing tall). For the rep to count the athlete must not break parallel (hip-crease above the top of the knee) during the catch phase of the lift. This is a standard power clean and any other movement will not be counted.

Event 4 Description: Each lane will contain a male and female rower. At the start time (10 minute mark for males and 16 minute mark for females) the first athlete may begin the row. Athletes may be seated in the rower prior to the start time, but are not allowed to touch the handle until the judge says "begin." Once the final calorie is rowed the second member of the pair may begin the shoulder to overheads, but not before. Reps performed prior to the completion of the row will not count. Each pair may break up the reps however they see fit. Each member of the pair must complete a minimum of one row cal and one shoulder to overhead each round for the score to be valid (one member may not do all the rowing and one may not do all the shoulder to overheads).

Row standards: The calorie count on the rower will be the official rep count for the row. The rower will be reset to zero after each round. The athlete’s hands must remain on the handle until the screen reads 40 cals (30 cals for the female pair) before exiting the rower.

Shoulder to overhead standards: The first rep will begin with the athlete standing at full extension with the dumbbells in the front rack and in contact with the shoulders. From this position the athlete will be allowed to press, push press or push jerk the dumbbells to the overhead position. The overhead position is defined as the dumbbells locked out directly over the centerline of the athlete’s body with hips and knees fully extended. If a push jerk is used, the athlete must return to full extension of the knees and hips before bringing the dumbbells back down to the bottom position. At the bottom of the rep the dumbbells must make contact with the shoulders.

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