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Summer League :: Event 1

Description: Prior to the start of the event teams will need to determine which Male/Female ("MF") pair will work together. The first pair will have a heavier deadlift and the second pair will perform more burpees. Once these designations are made switching will not be allowed.

On the call of "GO" MF1 will perform 9 partner deadlifts and 9 synchronized bar facing burpees. Once completed they will tag in MF2 who will perform 12 partner deadlifts and 12 synchronized bar facing burpees. Partners MUST tag hands after the completion of each set of burpees.

Partner deadlift standards: Each rep starts with the bar on the ground and ends with full extension of the hips and knees with shoulders behind the bar (both partners). Any style of grip is permitted.

Synchronized bar facing burpee standards: Both athletes' chest and thighs must be on the ground at the same time at the bottom of each rep. There is no requirement for the athletes to jump over the bar together. A two foot take-off is required for each jump. The rep is completed once both partners have landed on the opposite side of the bar.

Earlier Event: June 29
Self Defense Clinic
Later Event: July 13
Summer League :: Event 2