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Summer League 2018 :: Event 2

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EVENT DESCRIPTION: On the call of "Go" the two male athletes will begin working, one partner will row and one will perform a static sandbag hold. The rowing partner will not be allowed to accumulate calories until the sandbag is supported by the other partner. If at any point the sandbag is dropped or set down, the rowing partner must stop. Each minute, on the minute the partners will switch places. At the start of the seventh minute the men will be done and the women will begin with the same requirements. The women will begin on the same rower as the men and the total calories at the end of the 12th minute will be the team's score. 

Sandbag weight men: 150
Sandbag weight women: 100
Sandbag weight masters: 30            

Row Standards: The rowing partner can only apply force to the rower if the sandbag is supported in the frontal plane of their partner.

Sandbag Hold Standards: The partner holding the sandbag is not allowed to place their hands under the sandbag or squat with the sandbag. This is a bearhug style hold and must remain in the frontal plane."            

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