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Summer League 2018 :: EventS 4 & 5

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Event 4 Description: Each team will be given 8 minutes to establish a 3 rep max front squat. Prior to the start of the event a male and a female bar with corresponding plates will be placed in the each lane. On the call of "GO" the bars can be loaded by the teams, both bars may be loaded to for the initial lift, but only one athlete will be allowed to lift at a time. The athlete performing the lift will announce their weight and perform the lift. The first rep of the 3 rep max can be squat cleaned. Successful lifts will be recorded, unsuccessful lift will be called no rep and the athlete will have the option to decrease the load. The best lift for each team member will be accumulated for the team's total weight or event score.          
Front squat standards: Each rep starts with the bar on the ground and ends with the bar in the front rack position under control with the hips and knees at full extension (standing tall). For the rep to count the athlete's knee must pass below the top of the hip-crease. Any style of front-rack grip is allowed.   
Event 5 Description: Prior to the start of the event barbells must be stripped (2 mens and 2 womens barbells per team) and place on the pull-up rig must be assigned. All athletes must face each other when hanging from the pull-up rig. All athletes must be in a single file line during the shoulder to overhead portion. On the call of "GO" all athletes will jump up and support themselves on the pull-up bar, feet cannot make contact with the ground, one of the team members will begin accumulating reps while the others maintain the static hold. Once 100 total knee raises have been completed, the team will move on to the shoulder to overhead. All athletes will support their individual barbells in the overhead position, the barbell can never make contact with or pass below the head, one of the team members will begin accumulating reps in the same fashion as the knee raises. There is no requirement for how many reps each athlete performs of each movement; this can be determined by the team as they see fit.            
Knee raise standards: The rep begins with the athlete hanging at full extension and ends when the knee passes above the top of the hip.           
Shoulder to overhead standards: The first rep will begin with the athlete standing at full extension, from this position the athlete will be allowed to press, push press (dip and drive) or push jerk the barbell to the overhead position. The overhead position is defined as the barbell locked out directly over the centerline of the athlete's body with hips and knees fully extended. If a push jerk is used, the athlete must return to full extension of the knees and hips before bringing the barell back down to the bottom position. At the bottom of the reps the barbell must make contact with the shoulders.

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