We are a strength and conditioning gym dedicated to creating a fitter, healthier and happier community. Our gym is comprised of knowledgeable and passionate coaches and a diverse community that includes professionals, policemen, firemen, teachers, soccer moms, grandparents, teens and everything in between. Every person and every skill level is welcome at our facility.

LiftBridge CrossFit incorporates the CrossFit methodology in its program design. In other words there are no machines or bicep curls at LiftBridge. We focus on functional movements- those that relate to life and sport- and on executing these movements at high intensities to achieve results. The workouts are difficult, but not impossible.

Our program is 100% customizable to your ability and skill level - it can be used with any population, regardless of size, age or experience. Nervous still? Our experienced and highly qualified coaches will guide you each step of the way at LiftBridge CrossFit.


Why LiftBridge Crossfit

  • Goal oriented programming that is proven, safe and fun.
  • New workouts every day (i.e. it never gets boring or stale).
  • Small class sizes enabling one-on-one time with certified CrossFit coaches.
  • Supportive, friendly and welcoming community.
  • Beautiful facility equipped with well maintained Rogue Fitness equipment. 
  • Year round social events for the entire family.

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movments performed at high intensity.
— Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder & CEO