Monday 170227

Back squat
3x3 @ 65%

14 Wall ball 20/14, 10’/9’
10 Deadlift 185/135
6 Chest to bar

UPDATES: Congrats to all of our Open athletes!! 17.1 was a grueling test, but everyone did great. We are going to split the participants into two teams and the winning team will receive a prize at the end of the Open. 

Thank you to the ladies from Lululemon who stopped by to encourage our athletes Friday evening. Everyone who participated received a voucher for a free pair of Lulu shorts! Awesome! Also, congrats to Tom for winning the Open prediction contest and collecting a $25 Rogue gift card (we will do this every Thursday during the viewing party)!

Last and certainly not least, we have a "new" coach starting this week. Everyone please welcome Kami Griffith (formerly Ostergaard) to the team! If you don't know her, we are confident you will fall in love with her right away! Kam is a great coach with extensive experience, she has been a key part of a number of CF boxes around the country. Welcome Kam!!