Open Reflections

I have had a number of athletes reach out to me to tell me how "poorly" they did in the open. From athletes who intentionally didn't submit a score they were embarrassed by or those who were "beat" by other athletes (friends, colleagues, celebrities, pregnant women 😉). While this is not unique, it has definitely been more frequent this year, to be honest the fact that people choose to confide in me has been the best thing about owning LBCF. It also provides a very unique opportunity, the opportunity to coach the psychological aspect of our young sport. 

Let me tell you about my open: I did not finish 17.1 in the 20 minute time cap. I was 5 reps short. A whopping level 45 on the Beyond the Whiteboard scale, for someone who has done CrossFit everyday for 3.5 years this couldn't be true! Now, I am certain that everyone else cheated, not only at our gym or amongst my group of friends but especially at non LBCF gyms. Cheaters for sure! Or maybe, just maybe they went faster than me, rested less, had a better strategy or love burpee box jump overs (think Spencer). Or maybe it doesn't matter. I am no stranger to losing, I do it every time I come to the the open I just lose to more people. To be honest we all do, only two individuals get to win...and those two people don't care about their placing. What they care about is giving their best effort. While we are all watching 17.4 tip videos and trying to unlock secret rowing techniques they are simply trying to figure out how to get the most out of themselves in a given workout. If a workout is in their wheelhouse it is an opportunity to test their grit. If a workout has a movement that holds them back they strategize how to minimize their limiters and maximize their strengths. They focus internally. What can I do? How do I need to attack this? Where should I push? We, on the other hand, tend to focus externally. Lord knows I can't lose to her! How long did it take them in round two? How did they break it up? Which part was hardest for you? Such a huge amount of focus is placed on the things that have no impact on our performance. And what is the result? Did we succeed or fail? Well that depends on how we did relative to someone else. Complete nonsense. 

We all want the secret tip, but in truth, there isn't one. The cool thing is we don't need it. We just need to pay attention to ourselves, be honest about abilities and limitations and set goals that matter to us. The fun part is the failing, learning and adjusting process on the way to those goals. That is called growth. Now that the open has wrapped up be sure to look at the goals you wrote on the board and decide if they are truly important to you. Or are they just something you think would impress someone else? Or did you write nothing at all? 

Some people believe that because we do CrossFit we are tough. This isn't true. Those of us that show up on days when we hate the workout, the movements, the time scheme, those people demonstrate toughness. Seeking out opportunities to fail is the only way I've ever known to succeed. Avoiding those opportunities is the truest way to fail. 

Congratulations to all the athletes who failed during the Open! For those of you who didn't, we will give you plenty of opportunities in 2017.