2017 Liftbridge Cup

Announcing the first annual Liftbridge Cup! We split those who signed up for the Open into three teams (red, white and blue because....'Merica). For Open workouts 17.2 - 17.5 each team will accumulate their top seven scores to arrive at a team total. The team with the most reps (or lowest time) will receive 6 points, second place will receive 4 points and third (probably Abbey's team) will receive 2 points. Whichever team has the most points after 17.5 will take home the Liftbridge Cup (we ordered a sweet trophy that should be here next week). Each member of the team will get to keep the cup for 1 month and all we ask is that you post a fun photo of you and the Cup to the social media outlet of your choice.

A few rules: 1) Only your first attempt at the workout will count towards your team score (redo's are not allowed for the cup). 2) Rx and Scaled reps are equivalent. 3) Each team captain (Abbey, Hoey and Spencer) will be responsible for reaching out to their respective teams to come up with a team name (so we can add it to the trophy). 

We will post updates at the gym and on the website on the Tuesday following the Open announcement.

Have fun and good luck to the participants!