Thursday 170420

Aerobic Training / Flush WOD
Set 1: Run – 4min (easy), 2min (hard), 4min (easy)
-rest 1 min-
Set 2: Run – 3min (easy), 90seconds (hard), 3min (easy) 
-rest 1 min-
Set 3: Run – 2min (easy), 1min (hard), 2min (easy) 
-rest 1 min-
Set 4: Run – 1min (easy), 30seconds (hard), 1min (easy) 

*Each athlete will determine the “easy” and “hard” paces, as a guideline – easy should be a very light effort at a low heart rate. Hard should be at a fast pace, but not a maximum effort. Use the second easy run to fully recover prior to starting your next set.