Your mouth is dry, your heart pounds, the cold feel of the wall is a stark contrast to the heat eminating from the hand the reaches out to touch it. Your teammates stir with anticipation, sounds blur together as your focus narrows. You hear that first "beep," three seconds now, this three seconds feels longer than any that has come before it. Time crawls as you visualize yourself moving at a rate you normally wouldn't. No time to stop and think, it is time to move, to move without fear or in anticipation of what comes next. You are present in this moment, focused on this task. "GO!" You begin to work, there is a satisfaction in it, a satisfaction you haven't felt before; what once seemed intimidating now feels easy. You hear only sounds, no words. That place inside where doubt is housed, is oddly vacant. As you near the end of your assignment you feel fatigue for the first time and at that moment you hear your name, a new source of energy floods your body and you move through the last few reps with ease. Now it is your turn to support those that supported you and, by all accounts, this part offers a far greater reward. 

Remarkable things happened during our inagural summer league and they had nothing to do with PRs. Congrats and thank you to all the athletes who participated or supported their fellow LBCF'ers. We are beyond lucky to share these moments with such an amazing community.