Wednesday 181128

”Mighty Molly”
2 Rope climb 15’
14 Push-up
10 Air squat

Molly Steffl was born on Valentine's Day, 2-14-10, with a severe cleft lip and unilateral palate.  She was later diagnosed with moderate Alopecia Areata at the age of 5. This fall her alopecia turned severe. She has quickly been losing all of the hair on her body. It has been a dramatic, swift and difficult change to process. The Steffls have sought the best professionals in the field to help treat Molly from traditional medical doctors to a wholistic approach. At this point, it is uncertain if Molly will ever regrow hair. There are a lot more unknowns than knows with alopecia.  She is not terminally ill and she does not have cancer.  

Molly has made a conscious choice to not hide behind her cleft lip and palate and alopecia.  Her message is, "We can't choose what happens to us in life, but we can always choose how we react to it."  Today we celebrate this brave and beautiful little girl and her optimistic outlook on life.  Let's keep this impactful message in mind while we celebrate "Mighty Molly" today by challenging ourselves and supporting each other through the WOD.